The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then step, then step....

train by rank

Understanding ranks and when you begin.... focus on the foundation building block of ELITE!

From ELITE to SILVER to GOLD to PLANTINUM to DIAMOND to BLUE DIAMOND to PRESIDENTIAL DIAMOND. Once YOU build to teach your team to build to ELITE and your wings begin to fly. Silver is the rank where doTERRA recognizes you as a leader in the company and you are invited to Leadership Convention in February!!!!

*** remember you have FOURTEEN DAYS to move an enrollees in your back office! Placements will effect ranks and team volume. So work with your spline on where to move wholesale members, sharers and builders that is going to build you to rank.


Print the pdf worksheets through the links below. we suggest printing your goal rank at the beginning of every month so you can see exactly where you are at with LRP, what classes you have and need, and what your volume looks like so you can plan. 

PLACEMENTS  teaching by up-line BLUE diamond: Jenn Oldham

PLACEMENTS teaching by up-line BLUE diamond: Jenn Oldham

EVERY WEDNESDAY join Sherri Vreeman, Essentials Coach for TRAIN TO ELITE and TRAIN TO PREMIER. Get zoom link through the Facebook Essentials Page.

...this goes alongside the training platform below:


PRINT you GOAL RANK sheet below and look at the numbers: