You can print any of the PDF pages.... I encourage you to print the declarations and stick them on your fridge, mirror and as daily inspiration. Please call me at 407.340.8253 or email me at with any questions, concerns or issues downloading the manual. Big hugs and love to you. xoxo Nikki

If you are ready to live the ESSENTIAL is my link to order: Please use this link so that I can walk along-side you on the journey with a free wellness consultation (30min), video trainings to empower you with more information, and closed Facebook groups to be a part of our tribe. #toghetherwemovemiles


  • JOIN AND SAVE (on top bar)
  • join doTERRA link 
  • select LANGUAGE and COUNTRY
  • WHOLESALE CUSTOMER (25% off retail) then CONTINUE
  • add your info and create password the CONTINUE
  • add STARTER KIT you choose (8 to choose from)
  • add credit card info
  • YOUR GOODIES WILL ARRIVE IN approx 7-9 days!!!!

STARTER KITS: best value and focus on your goals (call me to chat (407.340.8253) and to figure out which one is best for you and your family)

My fave things with links on amazon to make DIY's: