visualize sunshine in green camouflage...

Greens transform sunshine into food. The purpose of greens is to produce chlorophyll – which is miraculous and could be called liquid sunshine.

Most greens are alkaline in nature…an alkaline body is able to use nutrients more efficiently, produce more energy for walking or running and is more effective in ridding the body of wastes accumulated while exercising.  Therefore, you will be super-charged with nutrients, less prone to injuries, and feel more energetic. Do I hear a whoop-whoop!  Plan on one a day (don’t freak out – I said plan – it’s okay if you miss a drink or two) ….but try – your mind will thank you by being extra happy, your skin will glow in gratitude and your body will jump and zing a little faster than before.

This is an awesome delicious way to add more vegetables and fruit to your diet. Best ratio: 4 veggies to 1 fruit.