the amazing Ted...

A Cute Little Face With A Spirit to Race.

Look deep into those big, dark brown eyes and you will see a spark. Look again in few years and you see the flame. I think the “force is strong with this one” this is my daughter Teddy.

The first photo is of her 1st 5k, October 2011, which she insisted on running solo. She was in the 3rd grade, I was nervous but she was just fine. The second photo is her this year in competing for her school on the Varsity Cross Country team. If she looks a little young its because she is only 11 years old, she turned 12 at the end of September when she made it to the Regional competitions.

Her race times place her in the middle of the competition, suggesting she is an average runner. Her fire is what makes her exceptional athlete. I do not have a lot of experience with young runners, but I do have experience with children. They do not like to be uncomfortable.

What I noticed first about Teddy was her natural ability to put herself and keep herself right on the edge of something. She knows just like the rest of us runners, when the burn sets in, when the breathing feels like it might push your head right off your shoulders. She knows that, that is when you are close to “your empty”. That is when you have to dig down, find more, kick harder. Teddy leans into this part of herself, not back from it.  I don’t think that can be taught, I’ve tried to show it to others, tried to share that vulnerable spot during the mileage. Hold a hand when the panic comes to call. Ted gently pushes me a side here. Even in the 3rd grade, no, she would wanted to go out solo. Put herself on the line, even then she was testing her strength. Craig and I worried when she walked her little self right up to front of the start line! Good Lord, “she will get trampled out there” I said. All those lean legged shirtless men lunging just at her heels. My fears, not hers. She kept to the edge of the course, the only advice she took from us that day, and ran her heart out.

I love her for many, many reasons and I will be just as proud if she never decides to run again. But, I don’t see that happening. I see the fire that stirs her soul to move closer to the edge. Those questions that will shake her core until her body responds back.

“How great can you be?” “What are you capable of?” “ Where is your limit?”

I believe she will run that edge, she will invite the burn and I will see it happening in those big, dark brown eyes. Run girl, run!