straight from the heart...

If only we could stop time for an evening, a day, a weekend….

After just returning from a four day ChiRunning Certification workshop in Ft Lauderdale – I arrived home exhausted.  The “holding onto” the idea of perfect running form.  Stunning ‘aha’ moments at the workshop included an awesome teacher striving to comfort the nerves of students most over 30 years of age who had forgotten, but quickly felt, the pierce of of the grade by being ‘tested.‘   Eloquent accents from around the world striving to perfect simple communication where language surprisingly was NOT a barrier.  The beauty of the body can exquisitely communicate SO much more than we think.

And for me, moments where I honestly felt the beauty of the run…even if the miles where not long – even if we only spoke about running  – I could feel the JOY of ‘the run’ in the group as we felt the ‘journey of a thousand miles beginning with a simple step.’

We have all experienced the moment – the moment when life could stop – and for me – the picture perfect moment came AFTER MY return FROM A MUCH ANTICIPATED four day workshop of running….I sat with my children and husband and cried.  Tears flowed from a heart exposed, a heart that finally after days of ‘holding ONTO an image” of what SHOULD BE…the perfect runner, the perfect teacher, the perfect form….I LET GO.  My  hands literally softened as my heart opened and exposed….invited fault, love and faith.  Love for all runners who put themselves on the line, runners who sacrifice time away from loved ones, runners who try so hard that the picture may often become distorted…

My gift to you…and perfectly echoed in 4 days of ChiRunning… gradual – OPEN YOUR HEART- progress.  After 4 days of TALKING about relaxation – to final relaxation AND ACCEPTANCE – a place where we all begin – no judgement, no expectation, no fear.  Only acceptance – for where you are – and what you can offer.  Because as runners – our gift of love is a gift of THE MOMENT – a place where as the sound of the horn echoes through the morning air we are launched into a race, the place where we let go and allow ourselves to push past the boundaries we set for ourselves.

It often takes me a while to digest, to expose,…..and as I sit here with a beautifully beating heart in all its magnitude – I ask you to accept my faults, my  fears, and my hopes – and know that most often it is the fear of NOT living that life painfully gives us wings to fly. That in the beating of our heart and all it has to offer – we can truly turn and face THE SELF in the mirror with LOVE knowing that the ‘test’ is ours to bear….the big picture become clear…GRATITUDE, LOVE AND HOPE….for oneself and the run.

Love Nik

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