sincerely, your mat

“Come and spend some time with me. Breathe – stretch – sweat. Focus on nothing but the warmth in your body….the heat from the room….energy from those in the class….and the beautiful strength in your self.”

Ahhh I LOVE hot yoga. LOVE is almost an understatement. I ADORE, am besotted with, CRAVE hot yoga. The time spent with my mat is pure bliss. After a little running this week the stretching feels ahhh amazing.

We always start class with setting our intention for the time….a great way to start a run too…to focus on the time spent with your body. To listen to what it is saying to you. To praise it for allowing you to move. And then at the end to thank it for all it has done.

Special thanks to guruv yoga in Lake Mary ( for allowing me to practice with you.

Yours truly,


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