running artist

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Creativity is at the heart of an artist, sprinkled with a little crazy expression. Looking at training plans + paces + routes can seem rigid and boring. Get a little intense and mad and embrace the craziness of the running artist. It’s who we are. Being creative and being in love with the run is at the sole of a runner. Love is energetic and spontaneous and playful. So the training plan is black-and-white. Add a little color…join a group or run alone. Run at different times. Switch up the road to a trail. Play with nutrition. Embrace your choosing to be a runner as a student who creates and begins and erases and continues to be the artist who discovers and manipulates what works best for you. Find your expression. But remember that the artist must find his play, his joy, his love for the work…otherwise stagnation, boredom and the horrid creative block stifles the artist. We must find expression and love in our day to day running.

xoxo the running student/artist