romancing the run...

I don’t even know when it started, it just did. At first it was running in the same old outfit every Tuesday, not caring that my shirt was stained. I didn’t bother to replace my recoverite when it ran out. I feel “ok” don’t I? Skipping the green shakes in the afternoon too. I should have seen it coming…

I started pushing just hard enough to hit my mark, not really paying attention to my stretching. I’ve got it covered right? I’ve been doing this long enough to know what’s going on right?

Same ole thing every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, it is what I do: run.  Then one day I just went out for a quick run, let’s just get this over with and I can get back to whatever it was that I was doing. Oh jeez! I just wanted to get this over with…

When did this happen? I don’t even know I left. I lost that “loving feeling” “ I love you, but I’m not in love with you” uh huh. I’ve stopped romancing my run!

  • Step one. It happens.
  • Step two. Accept responsibility. It is not really because there is a new season of csi on and it doesn’t start until way past my bed time.
  •  Step three. Date night: make a plan, scheduling is a commitment to make it happen.
  •  Step four. Spice it up, thats right. A new route, new mileage, new race, new trail, new shoes…you get the idea “new” is key here.

Keep the love for your running going by paying attention to it, nurture your running spirit, it nurtures you. Lets face it, I couldn’t do half the things I am able to do without the gifts running has given me. I want to be one of those old runners you see holding hands and you say “awwww, now that’s true love”.



bodyNikki Blanton