Rockstar Darcy...

your name

Darcy Ali

Who are you? Mother-runner, rookie, naturalist, athlete, planner, dreamer….tell us about YOUR LIFE ON THE RUN….

I am a mother, a wife, an RN and a college student, not always in that order. I am an over weight, older runner who struggles every day with the run. The who, what, where and why of the run. There are days when I feel nothing like a runner, there are days when I’d rather curl up in bed than slip into a pair of running shoes. Lately these days have out numbered the days that I want to get up and lace up.

Which rockstar medal did you wear the longest…maybe even slept in?

My first 1/2 marathon finish is the medal I’m most proud of. The Wichita Prairie Fire. That was the day I knew I could do it.

Tell us about the 1st time you stepped on the road…how far did you go? what do you remember thinking?

My running journey stated on a treadmill walking. I never thought that I could make it more than a mile. Over the years I’ve run plenty of races and I believe the first race I ran was with my ex-husband and his Army buddies. I’m not even sure how far it was, I think it was two or three miles. There was no finishing time, no medal, no bib, just a bunch of soldiers out doing their qualifying run for a CID program. I remember my ex saying to his soldier’s “If my wife can do this, you can do this!”

What has running taught you about life?

That I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. One step, one mile, one race. They all add up and as long as you believe in yourself and never quit, you can finish anything.

In 1-5 words: why do you run? what is your inspiration?

Freedom. My inspiration, Emma Daun and Chris Romero

untold chapter….what do you have coming up…your next mile marker?

I’d like to complete a full marathon during my 50th year. I’m turning 50 this year in July. I will start training again in February for my third 1/2 marathon. And I also want to do the Disney Princess maybe next year.

Best guilty pleasure?

Sitting on the couch watching Castle and knitting

Favorite Post-run drink/food?


Fave running book?

Don’t really have one yet, but I’m trying to finish “Run the Edge”