live love move

This is real. I get scared. I try my best. I fail. I am ALWAYS the student. I am only the expert of my life. I compare running to life. I savor your comments and likes, which I question as my ego. I have a voice and a platform called OUR SOLE INTENT for which I am abundantly grateful. I believe in possibility. I’ve experience moments of epic beauty where I got it….u know…the wow….’this is what life is all about” feeling. I smile. I cry. I mess up. I am not perfect. I believe in passion + heart + kindness. I crave connection to my body and to the earth. I am thankful for movement and nourish my soul thru it’s adventure. Life gfts us with a beating heart to love and an amazing body to move. I design life on the RUN. xoxo Nikki