first impressions...

first impressions

it’s tuff to write this without getting metaphorical on y’all.  first impressions stick. what you think in your gut when you meet someone is the filter you see them through. its good to go with your gut and live that way. you can always trust you.  my first impression of the hanson marathon training plan….one tuff dude. yep, its a dude.  he is demanding and hard core and strict, but also consistent and confident and trustworthy. And even though he commands alot, he has a soft side that makes you like him…he is the the eat-your-veggies-and-you-get-dessert dad.

i like running six days a week…i actually missed my run on my rest day, well just for a second.  i am hopefull and believe in the plan, although anything can happen on race day if the stars are not aligned.  i am giving it my best and trust the paces.  it is great to do an easy recovery run and not feel guilty for running slow – “part of the plan”-  i tell myself as a speedy runner races by me.  my legs are tired on my easy runs….cumulative fatige kicking in maybe, or busy-life-outside-the-run kicking my ass?

this is what we did:

  • saturday: SOS 8 miles approx 30 seconds slower than race pace
  • sunday: 6 mile easy run
  • monday: 6 mile easy run
  • tuesday: SOS track….12x 400’s + 2oo recover + 1 warm up
  • wednesday: rest
  • thursday: SOS 5 miles @ marathon pace + 1 mile warm-up + 1 mile cool-down
  • friday: 6 mile easy run

total miles: 38 miles