dear diary...

Well those little aches and pains have gotten the best of me and I have decided to take two weeks off.   Here is what my thought pattern looks like………….

1. Ok, running has become painful and it would benefit me and my body to stop and heal.

2. I am just resting and healing and I feel fine.

3.  I am really going to use this extra time to cross train.

4.. I am soo going to do P90X in the morning, first thing.

5. My hip hurts really bad, I may never run again.

6. Wow, I didn’t know a muscle could get this tight.

7. I will at least do some sit ups.

8. Honey, can you please call my sports therapist for me? My left side is too tight to dial the number.

9. I have never “iced” myself this much in my entire life!  I am ice, I will be ice for halloween this year.

10. I may never run again.

11. Red wine is good for me

12. I should switch to vodka, because  i could use MORE ice.

13. Carrot cake.

14. I wake up at 5am so that I can feel guilty about not getting up to run.

15. Give my running neighbors dirty looks when they run past me.

16. I stretch more than I sleep.

17. 5 whole push ups, for upper body strength.

18. I really neeed to run, just a small run, pretty please.

19. Rest is good, I’m doing good, I surrender, I love my body, it loves me.

20.  I may never run again.

21. One more day and I can run with the girls, yes!!!

5am already!  Maybe I’ll just skip this one………..