daily journal

There is something powerful about writing down what you eat, how you feel, your training, your hydration….  With the new year approaching and in an honost effort to ground my SELF to the NOW and to create awareness in my daily life I designed this daily journal to notice patterns between how I eat, how I am training, what my mood is and how much am I really drinking (water that is – ha).  The big picture of who I am and what I do….feelings, food, training – all connected with delicate strings making up a runner living a life of commitment, sacrifice, motivation.  It would be foolish to think that these strings don’t play tug-of-war with who and how you are showing up in your life.

I often live through a day without really noticing anything at all…. unconciously eating what is put infront of me, or just grabbing stuff out the fridge, or binging through a handfull of left-over Christmas cookies and then wondering why I feel lethargic, restless or moody.  Forgetting to hydrate, preplexed with a run that sucked without connecting the dots of what I ate the day before. Frustrated with my skin AND wrinkles at age 37 – really…can they both exist on the same surface….well apparently so???  Living from a place of unconsciousness without a plan, without investigation.  If we are what we eat….I better start noticing what I am eating.  A personal trainer and friend told me one of the greatest tools she instructed  new clients is a daily food diary.  Taking it a step further and adding training, hydration and mood…. and what ‘I AM THANKFUL FOR” …..a daily journal to ink your PRESENCE to your living life. Being thankful and living out of gratitude magnifies the ‘half-full glass of water’ – perspective, abundance, happiness – it is all around you in your day if you pause and take note of it.

Enjoy the plan, print and share with all your friends and family.  Let’s do this.

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