core matters..

Love this article written on the ChiRunning website re: the CORE, in other words your abs, tummy, center, dantien.  See the video links on youtube with great core strengthening exercises…

You may have heard us say ‘never use your legs for propulsion.’ ‘How does this work?’ you probably wonder. Of course, we all must use our legs to run, but we don’t have to rely on them as much as we think. Here’s what we mean by this cryptic phrase. Chi Running is built around the concept of falling forward in a slight lean so that you’re using the pull of gravity for your propulsion instead of your legs. The trick is in your core strength. Building a strong core increases agility, efficiency and your ability to balance yourself in a gentle forward fall while running.

A strong core allows you to relax your legs and balance in your window of lean with ease, and with practice, you will be able to move from first gear to second and third with greater ease and confidence in your forward fall. If you’re looking to increase speed, a strong core is necessary.

A strong core also improves balance and coordination on technical terrain. When on the course, whether it’s road or trail, runners should strive to be nimble. A runner with exceptionally large quadriceps, hamstrings and calves may appear to be a more “serious” runner at first glance, but those large muscles actually decrease mobility and dexterity. You’ve probably noticed that a person with exceptionally strong legs has large quads, but someone with a strong core and abs doesn’t have a large belly. Bottom line: the bigger the muscle, the less mobile it becomes.

The first few times you practice engaging your core and relaxing your legs during your runs, you’ll most likely experience soreness in your abdominals the next day. This is a good sign! By relaxing your legs, you decrease the build-up of lactic acid in those muscles, which means little to no recovery time and you can start off every run with fresh legs.

It’s also essential that as you work to strengthen your core, you acknowledge it as your center, or your guiding force. The saying “Go with your gut” means just that. With a physically and emotionally healthy core, your centeredness, sense of balance, and self-confidence will guide you through all decisions and bring you a feeling of stability that you may not have felt before.

Here are 4 exercises that demonstrate safe and effective Core Strengthening Exercises. By incorporating these core exercises into your daily Chi Running or Chi Walking workout routine, you are giving yourself the gift of proper body mechanics, which will support you through years of running, walking and pain-free movement.

The Ball/Chair Exercise: This exercise does a number of things for your core and for fine-tuning your Chi Running technique. From practicing the one-legged posture stance, to feeling pelvic rotation to stretching hip flexors and quads – all while strengthening your core.

The Bridge Exercise: This exercise strengthens your core and helps add stability to your pelvis so that it can maintain holding a level position. Danny suggests working up to 10 reps and holding the position for 10-30 seconds each.

The Leg Lift: Danny demonstrates this simple exercise and shows the how-tos of doing it safely. By practicing this, you will strengthen your lower abs, which will support the leveling of your pelvis during all levels of your running.

The Butt Walk: Don’t let the name deceive you! This exercise will strengthen your core while teaching you to rotate your pelvis and hold your upper body still at the same time.  One of Danny’s favorites!


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