big picture, small details.

The starting line of a race. A new house. Graduation day. New Year’s Eve. Events that all have one common thread…Possibility. Hope. Excitement. Fear. Change. Growth.
As the new year momentum approaches and the energy pulls you to think big & bold. The glitter. The glam. The excitement of something new. I invite you to stand at the starting line of 2016 and Breathe. Open up. Let the energy of a fresh start ignite your heart and soul. Dream with bold passion and fearless possibility. Think big. Feel excited.

We are runners…we victoriously conquer the impossible…we can see a finish line, and then get rooted in the investment of a plan. The heart and passion of training. Grounded discipline and profound commitment to get to make the dream a reality. We get that the journey starts before we get to the race…it begins the moment we declare the dream.
How about your life? Its the same: big picture. small details.

My intention for 2016? More connection to the earth, my heart and my body. Its a practice. Daily habits. Small mundane little things.

Connect to the earth with fresh food and less ‘stuff’ from the time-spent-to-get-from-farm-to-table. Healing my body with essential oils that are mother nature’s gifts to us to work on the inside-out. Connection to my heart with gratitude and love and grace….all things soft and nourishing. Forigiveness. Kindness. Service. And connecting to my body through movement: walk, run, yoga. Being in the moment by connecting to my breathe and heartbeat and thoughts. Thinking outside the box with nature and green therapy. This is the live+love+move design.

The finish line is so big and bold. But don’t go out too fast, too soon. Rather move slowly forward. We have a tendancy to declare new YEAR resolutions, and then eagerly jump off Jan 1st with anticipated quick-fix results. We want big and bold and sparkling changes to our lives only to land face down in the dirt mid Feb or late spring if you lucky when the illusive new years eve butterfly flutters out of view. I know. I do it too. Expecting the glitter in large strokes only to fade quickly and in the end its the same you. Without changing the small, the tiny details that work over time from the inside out. Every second. Every moment. Every fresh new morning. An intention to start each day.

DAILY purpose and small habits that change you over time. Just like the-one-run-at-a-time-approach on a training plan to get you to the finish line. Life will have hills and ditches and dirt. Two steps forward, one back. New Year Resolutions will sometimes be on point and checked, and and then, well… not-so-much… eat that piece of chocolate, turn over and hit the snooze button instead of workout? Failure sets in and the “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never get this,” “whom I kidding” voice starts to play over and over and then the self sabotage sets in. Until your default mode returns and it’s easier to stop trying. The illusive butterfly disappears in the fog. And you give up trying.

Big picture to live+love+move. Small details of connecting to the earth with food and essential oils. Daily gratitude journal to connect to your heart. And green therapy of miles to connect to your body. Practice daily habits and the big picture slowly emerges. You got this. You know this. You can do this. Small victories in dull moments…they add up to an EPIC life of super-rockstar-shiny moments.