being real...

I want to begin with a confession. I do not have my shit together. I miss runs, do not always hit paces, I complain, I cry, and I often wonder what this running thing is all about. Shocker: I am a person living a life with a husband and kids and washing and work. And I am a runner. But I have a voice and a message and when it all comes together the moments of clarity and epic experience yield a passion in me to serve others through the stuff I have learned. My purpose is to inspire runners to design their BEST life on the run.

My running journey is inked on my heart. The mile markers of lessons include nutrition, stress on my body, running technique, sleep, sickness, training plans, balancing it all, recovery and repair. And I am not coming from the place of being an expert…but from a place of experimenting and trying lots-and-lots of stuff. Oh another truth: I do not have a magic pill or secret wand to make your running or your life better. What I have is conversation, questions and my failures & triumphs as possibilities. BUT YOU have to commit to who YOU are. you are going to have to get real about what your world looks like. what is holding you back. what your excuses are to DESIGNING this bold + epic running life. You are going to have to try something new. Practice some of my suggestions, or not. And then run with it. And see how it feels for YOU. And I will be standing on the side-lines with my fingers crossed.

But first you have to know what you want. Because without YOUR want or dream or goal… its not going to happen. And that means its personal… its not your friends PR or your husbands goal or your kinda-well-it-would-be-nice-if…. nope its all yours and its unique and its special to YOU. Coz you have to make it happen.

The places I have been and the boundaries crushed honeslty take my breath away. I meet strangers and tell them running will change your life: the play of running. the goal setting. the courage. the struggle. the victory. It gives so much more than it takes. and its a beautiful life.

So why stay around and get my emails: well why not? you may get to feel connected to something big. know that you are not alone. believe me when I say you are courageous and brave in a tribe of extraordinary runners. and I hope that along the road my story will get you to try something new. maybe something will shift in your life. Or maybe not…but if anything as a runner I know its worth trying… coz I remember that first time I tried to run a mile…and then kept moving.. one mile at a time… and here I am. an ultra-runner. and NO you do not need to run an ultra. 5ks still scare me. but with all those hundreds of miles over the past years I have a story to tell.

xoxo Nikki

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