A tale for every trail...

Our first somewhat organized trail run today in the forest will definitely be remembered by all attending runners/walkers.

Multiple alarm clocks around Central Florida broke the usual sunday sleep to a house buzzing with activity. Beautiful anticipation, the flicker of something new and the excitement of the group as we gathered outside the entrance to the trail was wonderful. Some of us donning our heart rate monitors felt our hearts race before the ran began due to adrenalin, fear and sheer excitement.

And so we took off;  our strides took on several packs as we headed deep into the forest.

The magnificence of nature and beauty of our earth stung its way to our reality - with our fearless armors and focused minds -  a stinging split second jolted us back to the reality of how small and weak we are as we invade the forest of life.  A reminder that we are invading their turf - the insects and bugs that call the forest home. And in an instant we were weak and helpless and left humbled, panicked and shocked by the fear and pain that took over our minds and body when a swarm of yellow jacket wasps began to attack us. Okay, attack may seem exaggerated, but it only took a dozen protective attackers to leave us wounded.  Screams pierced the quite morning air as we continued to run away from chaos, hands and arms flailing and finally stopped a couple yards later to take check of what the hell just happened?

The half way point at the bridge was where the transformation began - knowing that behind every leaf, log and turn - disaster could strike.  With stronger minds and sheer will we ran back home - to our turf - where we are protected by walls and comforted by air conditioning and lulled to safety.

We all laughed at the stories about the trail - kissed our wounds - ate salmon and bagels and drank more coffee. And with great eagerness planned our next run - ready to face it again.  Ready to face the great earth and all it has to offer - big, small, beautiful and ugly.  The fear of fear.  The trail is more than just an awesome run - its shedding the comforts, safety and control you cling to every day.  Its being vulnerable and small and exposed.  Its testing your core - questioning your strength - and telling you to fight gently, tread lightly and respect your self and your world.

Hey, for every positive there is a negative....how could the treasure of the trail not have pirates and snakes?

Happy Trails,