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Are you are mother-runner and tired of being tired?  Are you ready to get the essential tools to move forward when you feel stuck? Or maybe you are ready to kick up your training plan to PR or are you ready to crush a new distance?  Do you want to take your life and running to the next level...and design YOUR EPIC-ROCKSTAR life to be the super-hero-example for your kids?

Learn about natural solutions that are safe + powerful + simple. 

On the run: sore muscles, energy and focus, improve repair + recovery. Living-between-the-miles: better sleep, stronger immune system, less toxins, boo-boos, runny noses and more.

And those little eyes watching you BE the example in a world with a broken health care system, toxic ingredients in our products, and stressful-flight-or-fight environment that is instant-NOW-go-go-go.

As a runner: why are essential oils important to you:

  •  a stronger immune system = less time not feeling good = more running
  •  decreased toxicity = less inflammation in your body = better recovery between runs
  •  better sleep = better repair = less injury
  •  less stress = more focus
  •  feel better = better focus = increased time managment skill

As a mom: why are essential oils good for your kids:

  • no side-effects
  • safe
  • natural and powerful

It starts with YOU BEing the change you want in the world

...it starts with learning and educating and living the ESSENTIAL LIFE. I know you are busy and logging miles & sweat... so I am going to make this powerful & short and  empower you with the essential tools that could change your life.

get to know me

...would it help if I told you that I have crossed TWO hundred-mile finish lines. Or maybe that I feel scared a lot, and what if I told you I don't have my sh*t together.. Or maybe it would mean something if you knew  I crushed the Grand Canyon Rim 2 rim 2 rim with my brother in 21 hours. Or maybe it would mean something to you that when I finished my first 100 miler I was dead last and the race director had packed up the finish line and my family stood there with open arms. Or maybe it would make a difference if I told you that being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done and that I have said things to my girls that are horrible.  Or maybe  if I told you I left my country with my family at 18 and moved to the United States to live the American Dream you could relate.  I pray a lot. I question things. And I do my best. every. damn. day.  I am not a graphic designer but design art (self-taught) & design my epic life (.  I believe in struggle and hope and most of all LOVING and DOING something to be the best version of me. I have learned sooooo much about myself on the run that I believe everybody should run and if we did the world would be a better place. But its so hard and thats why I think we need to ask for help and use essential oils.  I love the hashtag #connection coz I crave community. But I also have a voice that connecting to your body and heart and the earth is so important and its my life lesson that I am sharing with you coz i have lived some EPIC moments when i have hit the sweet spot.

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e-book breakdown:

  • what are essential oils
  • how essential oils work
  • why doTERRA
  • my daily routine
  • the best ten-starter oils
  • running on oils
  • declarations to print for daily inspiration
  • DIY recipes using essential oils
  • and more
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