My blog posts for my LIFE-on-the-run. What an amazing journey. And to think it all started with a started with moving my first mile with my husband and feeling-like-I-was-dying. My first race was a 10k. 6 years later: I have completed many half-marathons, a couple 26.2 miles, a 50 miler, the Grand Canyon Rim2rim2rim adventure and two hundred-milers. wow. Always the student. Always the beginner. Never underestimate the struggle of one mile. Always savoring my breathe and beating heart. And thankful for my gift from God of endurance and strength and His amazing grace to move miles.

here are some of my DEAR DIARY blog posts. Some nutrition posts. And chatter about my LIFE-on-the-run.

If you would like some free declarations to print and stick to your mirror, or chalkboard or fridge for daily inspiration: click here.