Once upon a time I sold RUN-ART CARDS for inspiration coz I was a new runner and graphic-designer-wannabee. So I searched for running and motivation quotes, printed them and stuck them all over my house to be IN ACTION with my new goal to become a runner and move miles. I sold them on Etsy as printables coz I though they may help other runners too...but now Ive added them as digital files and email them for free coz I think we can all use daily inspiration.

(…and just incase you are wondering, I am not going to share your deets with anybody except me. Pssst and yes you can unsubscribe at any time, no feelings hurt. I want you to want this)

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Open the email every morning, find inspiration, you can print them yourself and stick on your mirror, in your cupboard next to your running shoes or anywhere ou need to see them for motivation.

They are categorized by theme ....by runner-type (lol...yep there are types of runners). if you want these free declarations to your inbox...there are thirty days of run-art designed for you… enjoy. Hugs and motivation to get you moving.

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