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  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil products that offer powerful, effective and safe natural solutions for you and your family

  • doTERRA wellness customers on my private community for education

  • Contact me for deets on how to become a customer and level-up your health and wellness.

essential oil education:

Events: Classes & Webinars

  • running and essential oils

  • on-line teaching platform, step by step, at your own pace.

  • 21-step take action challenge, cooking + oils recipes with videos and recipes, aromatherapy and mood, master your metabolism.

  • book me to speak at your business, office or corporate event

  • ABOUT Nikki

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start now. one mile at a time. life on the run.

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Mom, wife, sister and runner.  One of my fave verses is: "Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid for the Lord your God is without you wherever you go."

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