three samples... (free shipping)

three samples... (free shipping)


I would love for you to experience the power of essential oils!  If you have signed up for one of my webinars, and/or have requested one of my e-books, or maybe you are in Orlando and coming to a class...the next step is to FEEL and smell these amazing gifts of the earth.  These oils speak for that a little whoo-hoooooo? LOL. I want you to be confident that you are getting the BEST oils in the world... and doTERRA is the number one oil company...and if you try them.. you will know why. 

I will send you 3 samples...please comment in the checkout section with your health concerns....for example...

  • restful sleep
  • respiratory support
  • relaxation and stress
  • immune support
  • aching and sore muscles or joints
  • energy and focus

or...if you do not comment I will send you my 3 faves!

design your epic life,



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