spOIL yourself

spOIL yourself

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I have an amazing “Let me spOIL you with doTERRA” event starting Monday, August 28th, that will run for five days. I will send you 6 free product samples to try! You will be added to my private facebook event where I will teach you all about your samples (how, why, what).

This event is about experiencing and learning about doTERRA essential oils. I will answer any questions you may have as you try the oils and products...they are  powerful natural solutions for health & wellness.

As a bonus, there will be prizes and giveaways!!! WHAT!&%$!!

There are only a few simple requirements to be able to get these goodies in your hands:

  1. You must truly have an interest in learning more and using doTERRA

  2. You do not already have a doTERRA membership.

  3. You are not already speaking to another doTERRA wellness advocate about ordering.

I want a total newbie! Is that you? Let me know asap because I need to ship your samples to you before the event starts. 

xoxo Nikki

(407) 340-8253

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