run essentials (lots of goodies for the runner: free shipping)

run essentials (lots of goodies for the runner: free shipping)


LIVE WEBINAR: zoom platform

Date: Thursday 11/17 at 8pm EST (7pm Central or 6pm Mountain)

You will get:

  • my e-book
  • RUN HAPPY spray bottle (pre-run)
  • FOCUS roller-bottle (afternoon-focus-blend)
  • Sample trio (peppermint, melaleuca, lavender)
  • A-Z guide 
  • 1 hour webinar (LIVE and recording)
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You’ll come to realize that every decision, every run, and every product you use in or on your body will either move you in the direction of your goal or pull you away from that finish-line.

The difference between winning and losing is often the stuff between the miles, stress, not enough sleep, seasonal threats, a missed run, one unhealthy meal, hitting the snooze button or simply not using the right products to perform optimally. 

Most runners are looking for something that will give them the edge and the answer is Essential Oils! The best part is that once you learn how to use Essential Oils correctly, the far­-reaching benefits are extremely noticeable.

I know you are busy and logging miles & sweat... so I am going to make this powerful & short to empower you with essential tools that could change your life. But first... this is going to be hands-on... I want you to EXPERIENCE the power of essential oils.