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Ready to TEAM-UP and join our GROUP CLEANSE starting Oct 1st? Read this and get your goodies so you can DITCH THE TOXIC yuk in your cells, throw away those diet books and deprivation-mindset AND work on your body and mind from the inside-out... but... keep those favorite jeans you’ve stored just “in case you finally lose the weight”.

Because this time, it’s going to be different!

But first let’s get some things straight: we live in a toxic world. No matter how well we choose to eat, we are exposed to toxins in the very air that we breathe on a daily basis. And this is completely out of our control.

So, stop blaming yourself or putting yourself down. I know, and you know that you really want to make changes in your life. You really want to be healthy and maybe you are at your wit’s end with fad diets, and all the other “quick fixes” you’ve stumbled upon on the internet ocean.

I love concepts that simply make sense. How about you? Concepts that no matter how you look at them you can’t disprove them because it all boils down to one word: BASICS

Going back to basics to your cells...this is where the magic happens. 

I want to share a 30 day CLEANSE AND RENEW challenge that we are doing with our TEAM starting October 1st!  Supplements that support cells, endocrine system, gut health and nutrition layer.

Today I want you to envision yourself renewed and cleansed from those toxins that are causing havoc in your system.

Today I want you to take a leap of faith and psyche yourself up to end 2018 strong! This life- changing program rocked my world and have made my clients more energetic, more confident, and with renewed mindset.

More about the cleanse and 3 phases to healing.

Order on LOYALTY REWARDS so you get points back! Or add products you need so you have everything to join the cleanse.

  • DDR Prime Softgels - essential oil blend to support cellular health, function and renewal

  • Terrazyme - blend of digestive enzymes to aid in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients

  • GX Assist - combination of essential oils and caprylic acid to help cleanse and support the digestive system

  • PB Assist - 6 billion CFUs of 6 different strains of probiotics plus prebiotic fiber in a unique, double-layer capsuleZendocrine Complex - botanical blend to support liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin

  • Zendocrine Softgels - essential oil blend to support the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substancesLemon Essential Oil - naturally cleanses and aids in digestion

  • LifeLong Vitality Pack - essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants to promote energy, health, and vitality