I am an ultra runner turned wellness-warrior after discovering the powerful habit of using essential oils for health and fitness. I sell doTERRA oils for their purity and potency and to maximize impact. I teach women daily-how-to protocols and focus on lifestyle to heal the body, mind and soul in a broken healthcare system."

ultra-runner | wellness-warrior


In 2010 I watched my sister-in-law Zak cross the Disney Marathon finish line. I stood there crying even before she came through in awe of the strength, passion and victory of all those running.  It was an amazing experience. With two children and one in diapers…I began to run the roads....it was my time to check-OUT from the sleeplessness, crying, diapers, feeding, cleaning yada yada. After many miles of running away...I started to run INTO myself, no more checking-out, but tuning IN. The present moment opened up and I noticed my thoughts, the voice in my head, the can'ts, my breath, my heartbeat....LIFE on the run began.

As an avid goal-setter, I decided I sign up to run a marathon and experience the powerful finish line. The run is about POSSIBILITY and POTENTIAL and beautiful PURPOSE. Since my first marathon in 2011, I have ran 4 additional 26.2 races, multiple 13.1 races, a 50 miler, the rim2rim2rim Grand Canyon 46 mile adventure for my 40th birthday. And have also finished two hundred-miler races.

The journey began and my message evolved:  connect to the earth with essential oils, connect to the body with movement and connect to your heart with faith and love.  

Essential oils are my daily go-to for cleaning products, skin-care, reducing toxicity, supporting a health immune system, and muscle repair. Healing your body from the inside-out by living+loving+moving into your BEST self. The run is an awesome teacher if you question and listen. It is were I find moments of life…when I can hear my breath, feel my body, and BE still in my movement.  The run parallels our lives in so many ways...both in its lessons, how we move and react out there on the roads, what we think and how we dream.  What we do in that hour a day becomes a key to opening us up to designing your epic life story where you are the hero in your world. you are the brave courageous, sometimes scared, often fearless, crushed by failure, but get back up - story of YOU.

Epic finish-lines:

  • 5k
  • 10k
  • half-marathon 
  • 26.2
  • Two-Oceans 56k ultra-marathons
  • 50 miler: 12 hours
  • Grand Canyon Rim-2-Rim adventure: 21 hours
  • 100 miler: 31 hours
  • 100 miler: 28 hours 15 minutes